“Every small noise at work distracts me and I have to take breaks too often.”

The Attention Element

When performing work that requires sustained attention, there is a need to get up and move around often in order to stir the brain to activity. Such circumstances often lead to frustration, inefficiency and low-motivation.

“At work, I managed to function in a more continuous manner, without the need for constant breaks, to the level that even my close colleagues thought I took Ritalin when I actually didn’t.”

How did we achieve results?

The attention function assessment showed a significant difficulty in sustaining attention over longer stretches of time.

The treatment took 20 sessions, in which we performed computerized cognitive training with an emphasis on sustained attention functions. In addition, we practiced attentive reading methods and learned to identify attention lapses and techniques for stimulating it back to the task at hand.

In every meeting we also helped the client create a mental link and associate improvement and cognitive insights gained with challenges that arise on a daily basis, and as such personal strategies to make tackling challenges a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

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