Inna Funk
Inna Funk Trainer Therapist and Content Developer
I studied my BA in Behavioral Science and after that continued on to study an MA in Cognitive Science in Tel-Aviv University. In the past several years I worked as a researcher in the Cognitive Science lab of Tel-Hashomer Hospital in Israel, while at the same time I taught in schools and as a private tutor for adolescents with learning disabilities. At present I am the coordinator of a program that seeks to give social and rehabilitative solutions to teenagers that deal with mental and emotional difficulties. As a part of the program I accompany adolescents and parents in the process of rehabilitation and development of social skills.
I am intimately familiar with the difficulties of dealing with ADHD symptoms. I still remember that as a teenager I used to have constant difficulties in sticking with tasks to completion, and I would get bored of things incredibly fast. These problems created a large sense of frustration in me, and a feeling as if no one can understand me. Today I know that if I would have received the proper support I needed, those years would have passed much more smoothly. In the past years I have dedicated considerable time to study, understand and gain experience in helping children and teenagers as I was once before. I truly believe that a strengthening of attention functions in conjunction with a creation of a supportive, curiosity-inducing space can lead to positive results both in day-to-day function and in one’s personal, subjective experience.

Pnina Stern , PhD.
Pnina Stern , PhD.Trainer Therapist and Tentive’s Manager
For many years I was involved in the challenging occupation of software management, yet the experience of raising my special children made me interested in an even bigger challenge – helping people overcome their attention-related difficulties – a field that I have been dedicating myself to for over 12 years now.
I have an academic background in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, and in my MA degree I researched reading comprehension and attention in adolescents with ADHD , while at the same time I also trained to become a personal coach with specialization in ADHD. My PhD was conducted undertaken in Tel-Aviv University’s attention lab under the guidance of Prof. Lilach Shalev, in which I researched the effects of in-house developed cognitive intervention methods on academic and behavioral measures, with an emphasis on reading, while using an advanced eye-tracker device for measurement. At present I continue to serve as a researcher of attention and memory capabilities in Bar-Ilan University.
I treat children, adolescents and adults that suffer from ADHD using the Tentive system, which combines cognitive brain training, functional conduct training and personal accompaniment and follow-up, a system that we continually update and develop based on accumulated experience and up-to-date academic knowledge.
Forest Stern, MBA
Forest Stern, MBATrainer Therapist and Localization Manager
My dealings in Taiwan today can be attributed to two major factors that influenced me from an early age. The first is my profound interest in the study of East Asia and Chinese culture, which led me to study a BA degree in East Asian Studies and Chinese in Tel-Aviv University, and further on to Taiwan, to continue my Chinese studies and undertake a MBA degree in National Taiwan University.
The second factor is the constant inspiration that I received from my mother Pnina, who was always there to assist me in any difficulty I ever encountered. Pnina led me to see the power, the confidence and the betterment in quality of life that can be gained by developing a proper attention awareness. With that came the passion in which I saw how Pnina have always undertaken attention related research and was there for her clients, a passion that infected me as well, and made me want to learn how to become a trainer therapist myself.
After having witnessed the vast need for ADHD treatment in Taiwan, a culture in which academic success has a profound influence on any aspect of an individual’s life and place in society, and in turn the huge consequences of that on those who struggle with ADHD symptoms, I decided to combine my love and understanding of the local culture with the wish to offer a solution to those suffering with ADHD, and as such localize Tentive to Chinese.