About us

Tentive is an encompassing, suited for all ages, easy to use platform for the treatment of ADHD and its various related problems in all areas of life.

Tentive gives children, adolescents and adults the opportunity to treat their attention related difficulties and day-to-day conduct at convenient times via online one-on-one sessions with a designated trainer therapist.

Tentive allows trainer therapists the ability to treat clients that aren’t able to arrive to a clinic themselves, as well as giving them a plethora of built-in treatment tools together with specialized treatment conduct and follow-up capabilities.

The Tentive method was developed and formed out of 12 years of treatment experience, and is based upon cognitive training methods that were researched and developed in the attention research lab of Tel-Aviv University, and in the PhD research of Dr. Pnina Stern. The Tentive platform continuously advances, updates and have new tools and functions added to it based on new research, experience and client suggestions.

At the basis of the method lies the principle in which difficulties stemming from attention-related deficiencies can be surmounted by cognitive strengthening in conjunction with the creation of new habits, new conduct patterns and a supportive environment. Many years of experience prove that improvement, once attained, is long-lasting. Many of Tentive’s clients were families that brought their younger children for treatment after treatment for their older children proved a success, what gives us confidence in our service and drives us to continue improving the platform and making it accessible anytime and anywhere to those who need it.