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Attention Disorders in School

Attention deficit disorders influence many facets of life. A major area in which difficulty is felt – starting from an early age and lasting all throughout adulthood is –school.

Children and teenagers with attention disorders find it hard to function in educational environments, which tend to require of them certain skills, such as: prolonged sitting in class, focusing their attention for longer periods of time, and organization of study material. None later than elementary school, parents tend to receive reports from the teacher claiming that their child “is interrupting the class and unable to sit in silence in class”, “forgets to bring their materials to class”, “forgot that there was an exam and did not come prepared”, “does not do homework and as such unable to follow the class”, etc. Situations such as these may be very frustrating, however it is important to keep in mind that attention disorders simply do not allow the child to study the same way others do, and it usually is not due to a lack of effort or intelligence. Some children and adolescents of high intelligence, despite facing attention disorders, may still manage to overcome school demands and maintain relatively good grades. These kinds of students, only when getting to higher education programs such as university, where demands are higher, feel the effects of their attention disorders, at which point a solution is needed.

Attention Disorders and Higher Education

Higher education generally tends to require more independent study, sticking to deadlines and the ability to persevere. The scope of the learned material and the difficulty involved also means students need a wide range of organizational skills. Attention disorders that hamper organizational skills and self-control, create great difficulties for the learner in regards to developing learning strategies that are needed to face these challenges. As such, many students who suffer from such disorders, often report that despite having promised to themselves that “this time it will be different”, they still don’t succeed in handing papers on time, procrastinate until the last moment, and sometimes completely fail to complete tasks. Apart from that, attention lapses and loss of attention during lectures may cause the student to feel bored and gradually stop attending them at all. The difficulty involved in planning an efficient study outline and schedule, whether during lectures or at home, may make the student fall behind the class and create a great deal of frustration. Despite the willingness to succeed in school, without receiving proper help, many students end up retaking and redoing courses, delaying graduation, and some of them completely give up on graduating.

Attention Disorders in School – Treatment

There are various ways to improve attention functions, and it is advised to begin as early as possible. A proper treatment for you or your children can have a resounding impact on performance in school, instill self-confidence, and transform the experience of studying into a meaningful, satisfying one.

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