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Our attention capabilities deeply influence our emotional well-being and personal achievements throughout all stages of life.

As such, when these attention capabilities improve and are utilized effectively, successes in personal goals and life-satisfaction are to follow.

Tentive is a research-based ADHD treatment method with many years of clinical experience behind it.

Our trainer therapist arrives virtually to your own home and tailors the treatment program to your own personal attention-related difficulties and needs.

The treatment includes an on-going attention assessment to fine-tune the process, enjoyable cognitive exercises, a thorough understanding and development of control over your attention capabilities, and the development of tailor-made strategies for its optimal usage in dealing with challenges in your life.

In our website you can find successful client treatment examples arranged according to different life areas and stages. We would love to add your success story to our list.

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Day-to-day life

Attention at work
Attention at school
Attention with peers
Attention when reading
Attention in relations

Throughout life

Attention in childhood
Elementary school
Junior high school
Attention in adolescents
Attention in adults

Latest news

Attention at work, school and society

ADHD – latest quotes

Attention in Adults

ADHD difficulties that were not treated
at a younger age tend to manifest in complex
s in adults,
such as low self-confidence and low self-esteem,
a feeling of having missed out, and an inability
to reach self-actualization.

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Attention with peers

ADHD difficulties also manifest themselves in interpersonal relationships –
individuals often tend to have difficulties in being attentive
in conversations and remembering friends’ stories,
what often leads to social disengagement, disconnect and loneliness.

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Attention in Children and Adolescents

Academic achievements, especially at younger ages,
are intensely affected by the child’s emotional state.
Children who experience attentional difficulties may
easily and mistakenly concludethat they are talentless ,
and enter an erroneous cycle of study avoidance and experience failures
that “prove” to the child itself that they are talentless, what strengthens the cycle.

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ADHD in Elementary Students