“I took Ritalin for years. At some point I felt like it was not helping me enough, so I stopped taking it.”

The Attention Element

When sustained attention markers are very low, even if attention-increasing drugs help elevate them temporarily, they do so to a level that is still too low as to have a substantial effect on day-to-day function. Cognitive training improves the base attention level, at which point using the drug will add an augmentation to attention that will actually be felt.

“Nearing the end of the training period, at a long day at work I tried to again take Ritalin, and this time however I was surprised to find out it really helped me, even though nowadays I mostly get by fine without it.”

How did we achieve results?

The attention function assessment showed a significant difficulty in sustaining attention over longer stretches of time. The treatment took 20 sessions, in which we performed computerized cognitive training with an emphasis on sustained attention functions. In addition, we practiced attentive reading methods and learned to identify attention lapses and techniques for stimulating it back to the task at hand. In every meeting we also helped the client create a mental link and associate improvement and cognitive insights gained with challenges that arise on a daily basis, and as such personal strategies to make tackling challenges a more efficient and enjoyable experience

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