“I have no interest in studying. What do I even need that for? I’ll just do the minimum effort required to get the high school diploma and be done with it. I just can’t stand sitting down and studying, it is way too boring.”

The Attention Element

Attention-related difficulties often manifest as difficulties in enlisting resources to execute tasks that are cognitively difficult. In many instances this difficulty is translated to boredom, to a degree in which it is hard to tell the difference between “I find it difficult” to “I find it boring.” The result is minimal studying before exams and in some cases no preparation at all. In most cases text reading is avoided, and at most only summaries are read, what causes attention abilities to deteriorate even further, and renders further education in the future even more difficult.

“As the insights I gained and what I learned from the training sunk in, I became a sort of ‘bookworm’, and now find myself constantly reading serious books that require patience and persistence. I particularly surprised myself when I found out that thanks to the training I now know how to find interest even within boredom.”

How did we achieve results?

The attention function assessment showed a relatively minor objective difficulty, yet in many cases, the subjective difficulty is intensely felt. The treatment took 16 sessions, in which we used cognitive training to strengthen attention functions, and taught the client how to analyze and improve thought patterns, behavior, and conduct.

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